Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Heading East at Last

Since our first park did not have internet access, these are the first two days of our travels.

Day One

It has been a heck of a day.  

We were less than two miles from the house and all the dashboard electronics went haywire.  Telling us we had no gas, no turn signals, no other things that we are supposed to have.  

So, we went straight to Santa Maria to the RV repair and spend a couple of hours there.  Finally they figured out they just had to reboot the computer.   All worked fine and we headed out.

We got about 5 miles to the highway and the repair shop called saying we left a dog there!  WHAAAT.  Sure enough, little Jazz left the coach while I was prepping to leave so we had to go back to get her.  What a dufus.  She was pretty contrite for a couple of minutes.  The manager said she had wandered into the shop area (thank goodness she didn’t just wander out of the area) and, although he said she would not come to him, he got her to follow him into his office where she whined and barked until we got back to pick her up.  What a ninny.  I, of course,  was having a spell.  I could not believe it.  I am SO careful when we are traveling.  Whew.

Finally we were on the road for sure only about 3 hours later than expected.  Tonight we are in Mojave.  We did not take the route through the LA area this time.  Although the roads are smaller and windier, it is a lot less stressful than going through the LA area for three hours of traffic.  Especially with the late start we got. 

This is a very nice park with lots of trees and that lovely desert breeze blowing.  It is fantastic.   We got in too late to get the WIFI code so this post will be done tomorrow.  

I got some work done on my needlepoint project Autumn Leaves by Laura J. Perin.  It is one of her on-line classes that I started last year during our trip.  Since I usually only do needlepoint while we are traveling the projects go a little slower than my others.  I am looking forward to finishing this by the time we get to Texas.  Here it is so far.

And this will be our first trip with our new recliner seating.  We replaced the couch that made into a bed with the two recliners and are anxious to use it.  Of course, based on this photo it does not look like we will get much chance!  

Day Two

An nice, uneventful day of traveling.  The weather is fantastic.  Warm and dry.  Every time we make this trip I remember how much I love the desert.  Weird I know.

I worked on Autumn Leaves today.  I had a real hard time.  You would think that it is simple but those zig zag parts in the upper right corner made me crazy and I ripped them out a couple of times.  Good thing I ordered some additional thread!  
Anyway, I have decided that counting in needlepoint and counting in cross stitch is distinctly different.  It has to be.  I had all sorts of trouble and finally ended up just adjusting the pattern to fit what I put in the third time!  Crazy.  I also did not even attempt to do french knots with Krenik metallic braid.  Seemed like a better idea to do little crosses.  I am still hoping to get this finished by the time we hit Blanco, but I am having a few doubts now.  I am having a little trouble with the bottom right corner zig zags but perhaps a fresh look tomorrow will get that section finished up at least.  Then I can work on adding more of the gold braid and perhaps tackle the middle section.  

We landed in Tonopah (you should hear the GPS try to pronounce it).  A really nice park and all is well.   We are all fine and looking forward to a good night of sleep.

Thanks for visiting.

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