Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finally in Texas

Another couple of uneventful traveling days.  The weather is fantastic.  


I have a serious question about parks in the desert.    Why is it that shade is so hard to come by.  When I lived in the desert I knew that shade was a premium.  It amazes me that every park we stay in has the West sun shining on the passenger side of the coach which is the area where you want to sit out in the evening.  It baffles me.  If you are in the RV park business i would think you would be more cognizant of what your customers needed.   However on the other hand if you are here in the winter, which is snowbird season, perhaps you like that sun in the evening.  Not my thing.   In addition, the WIFI service is not available, so you are getting this update a day late, Marj.  Sorry about that.  The park is Little Vineyard in Demming, AZ.  It is not one of my favorites.

I had a heck of a day with Autumn Leaves.  Holy cow I must have stitched, pulled out an re-stitched the zig zag three times.  It was so frustrating.  I have figured out that when I cross stitch I count blocks….open spaces…when I needlepoint I need to count threads.  I got so frustrated I had a cocktail right after lunch!  ha

Jasmine is enjoying the view from the front dash!

I am working on Mini Mandala IIB in the evenings  I had wanted to get more done, but that is just not happening for some reason.  
I am looking forward to finishing this third in the series of three.  Ready to frame them and hang them together.  


We made it to Texas and are in Fort Stockton for the night.  We will be in Blanco tomorrow in time for the weekend.  

The weather is still great, warming up as Texas heads into summer.

I managed to finish the last portion of Autumn Leaves today.  It was not too bad and I am glad to have it finished.  I still have some of the extra metallic and detail to complete which should be no problem (she says confidently).  What I will do with it, who knows.  Perhaps I will frame it.  I have another Laura J. Perin project called Lilacs that looks like a companion piece to the Autumn leaves.  I will be doing that one during our next trip.

I will be posting from Blanco for a few months.  Hoping not to have another major flood this year!

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Autum Leaves looks sooo good, congrats on the finish and I'm glad you had a save travel (even if the start was a bit turbulent. Enjoy your stay!