Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Finish to Finish March

Lavender Fields. 

 It was not a big or complicated project.  Took about 50 hours, but I am so spoiled by Chatelaine Designs and some other designs that are varied that I had trouble letting this one hold my attention.  Once I got about 3/4 of the way done, then I was on a mission.  This is the project I will be donating for the Lavender Festival in Blanco this year.  Hopefully someone will appreciate it.  I will have to do some finishing on it.  Always a challenge for me.  It is not one of my best, but I am OK with the way it turned out.


Books Reading Books, HAED

Moved on to the next page, Number  11.  Am trying to work on this weekly for one day and will make another attempt at parking on this page.

Knotgarden, Chatelaine

Did a little ore work on this project but not much.  I will probably make good progress while we are traveling in a couple of weeks.

17th Century Irish Garden, Liz Taylor Deihl

I am having a little trouble with this one.  I think because it is a little tedious as the sections are pretty small.  I am also not too fond of the fabric.  I surely am spoiled!

My sister was here for a visit recently and saw Chatelaine's Old World Vinery.  She fell in love with it so it looks that that will be my next large start.  I am excited about it, but I am well aware how long these can take.   I may put the mini mandalas off for a while and concentrate on this one instead. I plan to start this one once I am back in Texas.  I will be using the (over 30") milinium frame and a floor stand.  I have more room in the living area to spread out so it is more conducive to larger projects.  It is just too large to work on while traveling.  I got an Omanik stand last year while I was there and I really was not that thrilled with it.  I see so many rave reviews of it that I may give it another try while I am there.  I never realised how much "open area" is on this project.  It seems odd that those corner blocks under the leaves are bare.  Hmmmm.  Looks like a possible counting nightmare for me.

Not much work on anything else.  I am getting the house ready for some construction/remodeling and getting ready to leave for Texas at the same time.  I am really glad to be going back East!  Not sure why as the weather here has been so fabulous.  The only problem with being here this year has been that the dogs have been in and out of the vet it seems every week.  Wierd injuries, all healed, nothing serious, just some annoying and scarey things.

And of course there is the dilemma of how much stash, supplies and projects to take.  I always say I am going to take only kitted projects and WIPS and not try to haul any fabric or other supplies, but it just does not work that way for me.  Having two houses and two sets of stash seems kind of silly, but perhaps that is what I need to do.  That way, when I change houses I have all sorts of "new" stuff!  Then again it seems like a real waste of money and I know cannot remember which item is at which house.  I left some Qsnaps there last year, but who knows the size, etc.  Kitted projects and WIPs seems the smartest option, but then how do I leave all my non-DMC threads.  What if I get an attack of creativity.  And of course I simply cannot go without my binder of patterns (which weighs at least 10 pounds).  I am trying to limit myself to one plastic tote thing, but that is not working either!  How fortunate that I have this to worry about, right?

That is it until we are on the road.

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  1. I love the lavender piece, and Told World Vinery will be a great new start, I wanted to see this 'in reality' for a while :) I hope you'll get your stash packing problems worked out, you wouldn't want to end up bored!

  2. Thanks. And really, I am fortunate to have such 'problems', right! As usual I am taking more than I could finish in a lifetime, much less in a few months!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your lavender piece is beautiful.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on your HAED and Chatelaine :)