Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March is Here at Last

March Start

17th Century Irish Garden by  Liz Turner Diehl, Inc. 

      The fabric is a 28 count Irish Linen Natural Color by Charles Craft.   It is very stiff, but what the heck, it came with the pattern.  It also came with Madiera cotton threads, which is different for me.  They are a little tough so I put them all on a ring.  You pull the strand out from the bottom of the little sleeve thing, but then what to do with the other threads once you have separated one out for stitching.  I sure do not want to put the all on bobbins, that is for sure.  This pattern also calls for a couple of Rainbow Blending Threads, Lacquered Jewels and a Burmilana Wood Blend that I am going to have to substitute but it is basically a black silk, so I should not have too much trouble.    I got the chart from Ebay last year.  It included the linen and Madiera threads, and 123 stitch had the Rainbow Blending threads.  I am hoping this project goes really fast.  It does not look to complex at this point.

This will be my first Non-Chatelaine mandala garden.  The chart is different from the way Chatelaines are charted so I will see  how it goes.

February Finishes

Claddagh Ring, Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine April 12016

I though it would be perfect for March and it worked up really quickly (about 16 hours).  Of course I added some beads for bling that were not called out in the pattern.  I did this one from my stash so I substituted a couple of the colors.  I am really appreciating my DMC chart with the actual threads attached.  It was pricey, but I have used it often in substituting colors so I do not have to purchase anything.  The photo does now show that the material is a 28 count even weave in Mushroom that I had put some green dye on.  The shading is very subtle.  It looks really light in the photo

 I think this project is screaming for a border.  I will certainly be on the look out for one.  There are lots of options on the internet for Celtic knots and the like so I should be able to find something suitable.

Moonrise Castle, Camelot Designs

I also started on Moonrise Castle at the end of February.  I got this pattern from a thrift store for 25 cents some years ago.  The pattern is so old that is calls Kreinik "Balger".   I have been wanting to do this for a while.  I am using a 14 count aida that I ice dyed last year during my dying phase.  I am anxious to see how it will turn out.  Had to order some of the threads so am waiting for them to show.
Am using my EZ stitch scroll bars with my lap frame.

You cannot really see the Kreinik used in the photo but they are there.  I am happy with it.  It took about 24-26 hours of stitching.  I did not even mind the back stitching (since the thing is pretty small)

I do have to refrain from starting these smaller projects a they tend to keep me from working on my others for some reason right now.  

WIP Work

I decided that I will work on my HAED, Books Reading Books on Sunday each week.   I usually watch the NASCAR race so that gives me a good 3 hours or so that I can make some progress.  The confetti is still killing me on this project.    And while I am complaining I am trying to figure out how to make my Gardens of London easier to work with near the border.  All that fabric!  I gotta hit the dollar store for some hair clamps!  All the other WIPs are, well, WIPs.

That is it for now.

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  1. Great finishes, and your new start looks like it will turn out lovely as well :)