Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Updating the Blog

Changing computers has spurred me into some cyber actions.  I am trying to come into the new century by revamping this blog.  I see other blogs and they are so impressive, mine was/is kind of boring.  So, bear with me as I mess around with things.

I must admit that I have a bit of trouble figuring out how to do things and find that I really do not speak computer.  It takes me hours and many trips to the "Help" screen to figure out what I am trying to do, what it is called and how to do it.

I figured out how to make tabs today, Woohoo.  I still have not figured out how to update the blog list so I may just eliminate it.  And I have not figured out how to list blogs I follow.........perhaps that is not important.

I really cannot figure out how to put all those cute little photos on the side that link to different things.  I do think they are very cool!

I am sure I will get there eventually.  As I asked, please bear with me.


  1. I'm not sure if I understand you right, but I think those little linked sidebar pictures your looking for might be gadgets, you can find them under layout on the blogger page. When you try to add one just scroll down to 'Picture' and you can add one of your own as well as the target you want to link too.

    1. Thanks! That helps. It is a little daunting but I am sort of enjoying fooling around with it!