Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Starts for October

I have great plans for the rest of the year.  I am doing a few smallish projects for people that I think will keep me working on those large projects between them.  I spent the last couple of days kitting up projects that I want to do in the next two months.

I started Heaven and Nature Sing by With Thy Needle and Thread.  I am not thrilled with the fabric.  I think I would have preferred a more creamish color, but I got the recommended fabric ( two pieces of it as a matter of fact) so I am going to use it.  It is 39 count line in Cafe Kona.  It is a goldish brown.  I hope it will go with my sister's decor.  It is a Christmas theme so I guess it does not really have to "go".  It is a pretty fast stitch, so I hope to have it ready to give her by Thanksgiving so she can have it out for the rest of the holiday season.

 This project uses Gentle Arts Threads.  The angel's dress is done in Simply Shaker Lexington Green.  I bring this up because this is not the first time I have used this brand, but it is the first time I have really appreciated them.  The varigation in this dress is just amazing, and the subtle, faded look of the threads make this look really nice.   Perhaps there will be more primitive type projects in my future.

I started the Nora Corbett letter A for my grandgirl to get it done and framed for Christmas.   I am using the recommended fabric this time.  It is a 32 count  Water Lily linen.  It looks to have alot more beading than the "R" I just finished.

For some reason it makes sense to me to do Thanksgiving themed projects in October so here they are:

Thanksgiving themes for October:

Be Thankful by Country Cottage Needleworks

I will be doing this on 28 Count Coffee evenweave by Fabric Flair.

Giving Thanks by Not Forgotten Farm

I will do this on a 32 Count Ivory Lugana that I already have.  I may be able to get two of the little pillows out of this piece.  I am thinking of changing the wording to Give Thanks rather than Giving Thanks.  Not sure as I have not started this one.

Patterned Gourds by Sharon Pope from Just Cross Stitch magazine.

This is on a 28 count Jobelyn in Chai Tea.  I really love this fabric.  I have had it for a while and think it is perfect for this project; must more subtle than the orangy fabric in the photo.

This is a great piece to work on outside since the weather has cooled off quite a bit.  It is done in DMC from my inventory so I will be able to launder it once it is finished.  I like the way it is finished in the photo of the piece, just stretched over a canvas, no frame.  I think that is how I am going to finish it.

I am realizing that a week of October is already gone.  The good news is that I should have alot of time for stitching.....the bad news is that I have a foot injury that is not healing very rapidly so I am doing alot of sitting.

I gotta get busy!

Hopefully I will have a couple of finishes this month.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Boo for foot injury, but yay for stitching time! All your projects look awesome and your plans do as well. I love those Patterned Gourds, they look like so much fun to stitch, and I actually like the fabric on the Heaven and Nature one, it makes the colours look very nice and muted which seem (in my opinion) appropriate for a piece like this :)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. The Gourds are a really fun stitch...kind if mindless where you kind if go in auto pilot. The Heaven and Earth fabric photographs beautifully. Perhaps the camera has a better 'eye' than mine! Appreciate your comments.