Saturday, October 31, 2015

November Plans

A Finish:  Giving Thanks:

This a really cute.  Quick stitch and will make a cute little pillow.  I am reminded about 32 count and how small it really is!  For some reason it has really given me fits.  I think I need to enlarge the chart as I keep making mistakes!

 Finally got through it, however:

I made changes to the wording, making it Give thanks, rather than Giving thanks.  Then, while I am on a pillow roll, I made it a little pillow to give to one of my nieces if she wants it.

Christmas themes for November stitching.

I learned from doing the small projects that they are not comfortable to stitch on the little pieces of fabric that they require.  So..........I put border fabric (just a piece of cotton) on all the fabrics for these projects so I can use a larger qsnap.  I have a 6 inch one, but it is too small for me hold comfortably and too small to go on a stitching stand.

Two of the Prairie School Santa's from 2011 and 2015.

I am going to do them on a 28 count opal lugana called Winter Soltice from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.  I am a little concerned about some of the colors on this fabric, but will deal with it as i go.

Snoozin Santa by Holly Gordon

This kit was ridiculously cheap from somehwere.  It comes with 14 court aida, but I am switching it out to an opal aida because the white on the beard and santa suit are not stitched but just outlined.  I may put this project off for next year because I have a couple of other Christmas themed things I want to stitch.

Dear Rudolph by Lizzie Kate  Finished!

This is a kit that comes with everything but the stuffing to make a little pillow.  It will challenge my sewing skills no doubt!

Since I finished the October projects quickly, I got a head start on this little project and was able to finish it in just a few hours.
Took longer to make the pillow than it did to stitch the design.  It was fun, so I am looking forward to the next LK project......

Three Blox  by Lizzie Kate

I think I am going to make these into three separate blocks but who knows.   It comes with the fabric.  Again, a challenge to my finishing skills!

I may be a little too ambitious  with all these Christmas projects and may burn out on them, but we will see.

Last but not least I want to finish the Nora Corbett Alphabet letter A for my grand daughter.  It is going well and just needs a few hours of attention


  1. Wow, so much going on! Two cute little finishes, I especially love little Rudolph and the way you finished him. Great new plans as well, I'm sure you can finish all of these in time!

    1. Rudolph is a Lizzy Kate kit that comes with everything but the stuffing and floss. I was amazed at myself that I could actually pull it off, and now I am definitely on a pillow roll!

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