Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Finish and a New Start to end August

Finished the Grace project for a friend of mine.   Framed it and got it in the mail.   It took about 9.5 hours of stitching.  I did not follow the pattern as written.  I changed a couple of the bands and used a couple of variegated threads I got in an ebay purchase of Caron some time ago.  I really enjoyed using the silk threads.  They are heaven to stitch.

I also decided to try one of the cards that come with the World of Cross Stitching magazine.  They are really small and I discovered that it makes my hands cramp if I do it in one sitting.  If I do another I think I will baste it to a larger piece of fabric so I can put it in a hoop.

While my friend was on my mind I started the Ink Circles pattern she saw while she was visiting this summer.  She loved the colors.  It is on 28 count dyed fabric Queen Anns Lace.  A very nice light green.  It should turn out well.  I am enjoying it.

I watched some videos on the you tube and it inspired me to do the new start.  Although I have several projects in the works, they are quite large so I am going to start a few smaller ones that I have kitted up and ready.  I also feel inspired to do a Halloween project for some reason.  I broke down and ordered a couple of patterns today.  I will share them when they arrive.

I am making use of the hot weather to get some stitching done!

I am finding that while I love stitching with the silk threads, I am going back to DMC cottons for many of my projects.  I am concerned about washing them once they are finished.  I know I cannot wash the silks so I try to be more careful with them and do not work on them outside or in the car. 

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  1. Congrats on the two finishes, and your start is looking great!