Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Comes to an End

Have several WIPs that I have been working on, a couple of finishes and some new starts.
My first finish for this month is a Biscornu.  I decided to use the materials from the Stitchy Box that I received.  It is my first attempt and I have to say it was not as easy to get the thing sewn together as everyone would have you believe.  Not for me anyway.  It turned out fine, but I would not give it to anyone as a gift as it is pretty pitiful.  I will try another one and perhaps I will get better!

I am still working on this Dinky Dyes Berry kit.  It is my travel project  because it is the perfect size to carry around and only has a few colors.  It is coming along, but I am anxious to finish it.

I had another little finish this month.  My Daughter in Law has chickens and is always bringing eggs.  It is great.  I did not photo it once I got it in a frame.  It is a 5 x 7 by My Big Toe and was a lot of fun to stitch.  Did not take long.

Another WIP is this Budha for my sister to give to her brother in law.  I was hoping to finish it by the end of March.  I have become obsessed with other projects so I have to really use some discipline to get it done.  It is a kit.

I continue to make progress of Books Reading Books, my HAED project.  I am almost finished with Page 4.  Slow going but I am still liking it.

And last but certainly not lease is my latest obsession.  I started Gardens of London by Chatelaine and just can't put it down.  So much fun, so many different silk threads, different specialty stitches, love it.  It is going to take forever, but so far I like it.  
It is difficult to get a good photo of all the detail and specialty stitches.  There are also hundreds of beads that will go on this project once the stitching is done.  I can't wait.

And, as practice for the large Gardens project, I decided to do a Mini Mandala.   I am doing Mini Mandala II B.  I decided that since I was using this for practice I would use all DMC and a piece of evenweave that I attempted to dye a grey color.  I am enjoying it, but it sure does make a difference when you do not use the special threads!  

Hmm, wish I could get a better photo
That is a little better, but the part that looks white is actually shiny silver.   This is a good practice piece for me even though I am coming up on some pretty intense back stitching.

Have been clearing out years of stash and found a group in Florida that teaches kids needlework.  So, I am sending off a huge box of kits, notions, fabric and the like to them this week.  It dawned on me that I will never live long enough to do all the projects I have and that my tastes have changed drastically in the past few years so it is time to purge!

That is it for this month

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  1. Great progress this month! Congrats on finishing your first biscornu, it looks good, and so do your other projects. Love the Chatelaines!

  2. Thanks so much. I am afraid I have a new obsession with the Chatelaine designs. They are so intricate