Monday, March 9, 2015

March Begins With a New Obsession

I did some finishing of finishes this week.  I framed the Welcome Friends project.  Not bad.  It will live at my house until I see the person for whom it is intended.  That way, I get to enjoy it for a couple of months!

I finished and framed the Berry Cheesecake project from Glendon Place.  I did not add all the beads that is asked for as I got kind of bored and was not happy with the way the beads were working out.  Also, since they were Mill Hill beads I had trouble threading the beading needle that was required for them.  At any rate, I had a frame that had a good spacer in it so the beads do not hit the glass.  Lucky for me!

I finally finished page 4 of Books Reading Books from HAED and am on to page 5.  It has taken me a month to finish the page.  At the page a month rate it will take over three years.  I am going to have to get in gear and put in more time.  Although the confetti (random single stitches) in this piece is a little daunting, I enjoy watching the picture come together.   I definitely get more inspired when I photograph it.


I have becom obsessed with Chatelaine designs. It might not be a good thing.  They are expensive as projects go and use a lot of silk threads, specialty threads and beading.    I have a few going at the moment and have others on my wish list.  I think they are incredible and hope I will be able to do them justice.

This is Mini Mandala 06

This one is mini Mandala IIb.  This is the piece that is not square because the fabric is not even.  Weird.  I just could not stop working on it, though, so it will just have to be a rectangle!  I started this project as a practice using only DMC threads and beads and metallic threads that I already have on hand.  It is coming along nicely and I am enjoying it.  So much, in fact, that I plan on doing the other two in the set as well as doing this one again on better fabric and with the threads and beads that are specified by the designer. 

And this is a full size called Gardens of London.  I am taking my time with this one as it is going to be a gift.  It is much larger than the other two.

I would love to be able to get better photos of these as they are simply amazing in detail. 

I am doing my best not to start anything new!  I still have about 4 other projects that are in the works!  Holy cow.  I think I have lost my mind!  I am off to Michaels this week to pick up a bunch of DMC floss for a couple of projects that are on my wish list although it will be months before I start them. 

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  1. The Welcome Friends project looks awesome, even more so with the frame! Congrats on the page finish, and yay for Chatelaine obsession! I have yet to start one, but I do love their designs :)

  2. Thanks for your kind comment. I am thoroughly enjoying the Chatelaine designs. I was scared to death to start them, but they are really not so bad once you get into them. I do have to pay a lot more attention and take my time. Do not like frogging linen!