Friday, October 17, 2014

On the Road Again

Yep, we are headed West at last.  Our first night is outside Fort Stockton.  Not very picturesque, but it IS West Texas after all.  It sure doesn't feel like fall out here.  Hoping the night will cool down.

Have been trying to see if I can cross stitch while we are going down the road.  I usually do a needlepoint project while we are traveling.  I have, on the first day, found that it is not bad if I don't need to do a lot of detail and if it is 14 count.  The 25 count was WAY to small to see while going down the road.  It is certainly a lesson in discipline.  I have so much I want to work on while we are traveling.  I will try some different places in the RV tomorrow and perhaps a different set up in the passenger chair.  I am also thinking I need to put a lap frame in the RV somehow.  I can't seem to get the angle comfortable so far.

The dogs are doing really well.   I think they are ready for a trip.  I am so lucky that they travel well.  I can't imagine if they were bad travelers!

More as it happens. 

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