Sunday, October 12, 2014

DESIGN Post for October

I am participating in DESIGN which stands for Designer Everybody Should Instantly Get to Notice.  I found this through a facebook post, and it looks like it should be fun.  If nothing else, perhaps I will be more likely to post with a little more regularity than I have in the past.

I do a lot of kits, mostly because I am a little unsure about choosing fabrics and threads.  Since I discovered facebook I have been exposed to many  more options and am challenging myself.  I am also enjoying it quite a bit.  I have learned that there are a plethora of folks out there who design some incredible things for cross stitch.   This posting groups will definitely help me be more aware of the designers of the things that I do.

For this designer focused post I will one of my current WIPs.  It is a kit entitled Bay Dunes and is by StitchWorld.  The artist is Paul Brent. 

He has a website that shows some of his work:

The kit I s dated 1998 and I am not sure where I got it. (knowing me I picked it up at a thrift store!)
 I notice that this piece is not listed on his site, but he does have some needlepoint designs listed.  When I opened this kit I was surprised to find that there is another one of his designs charted.  I like the beach and airy feel of this.  The colors are very soothing and it really has been fun to stitch. 

I have never stitched anything by Paul Brent before and I may do the other design that came with this kit.  Time will tell.   The two design would make a great pairing for a house near the water.  I really like the way it seems to extend beyond the border of the picture.  A little hard to explain, but it enhances the airy feel I think.

This kit has lots and lots of half cross stitches which makes it go pretty fast.  This kit is on 14 ct. white Aida and came with DMC floss.  The finished piece is 9"x13".

I am just about half way finished with it and hope to finish it this month.  I am coming into the more detailed part of the design, so it make take me longer.    Here is my progress so far.

Thanks for visiting. 

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