Monday, August 4, 2014

Home Safe

Made it back home about 4:00 pm  Saturday.  We did manage to avoid the DFW metroplex.  It was still a little crazy for a Saturday morning, but it was not bad.  I decided that we need to take a day off traveling on the way home as we do when we are heading to our destination.  That way we have a shorter, easier driving day and get home closer to noon.  That is my plan, anyway.

Everything at the house looks good.  I can tell that it has been hot, but it is actually pretty moderate for August.

After seeing the incredible Hosta plants in Michigan, mine look a little sick!

The lawn around the house was mowed and looked terrific.  Our friend Carrie took great care of the place and even did some planting.  How lucky are we

The heat is on its way  here.  At this time of the year the river I very still.  The reflections are fantastic. 

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