Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Pump the Brakes

We are not going to Texas as planned this week.  It is good and bad.  Of course I am bummed about it, but I am the one that needs the dematological procedure that is holding us here in California.  Not because of the corona virus ....

What better reason to start a new project.

Elizabeth Jones by La-D-Da

And the border matched up!!!!! Hurray

I have had this kitted a while so I am glad to start it.  It is all DMC, 1 over 2 on a 36 count Parchment by Weeks Dye Works.   Interestingly, I am finding the weeks linen very, very "floppy".  Anyone else have this experience.   I am enjoying it and will always remember it as my Corona start!  HA

Have made a little more progress on Coffee Quaker

 I am itching for a finish this month to stay on track for my 20 in 20 finishes.  I need to dig out one of the many WIPS I have had going for a long time and get one knocked out before the end of the month.  Lofty goal, but.......

I hope you and your family are all staying safe and healthy.  One thing I cannot find is how long this craziness is going to last.  I fear we are headed for a depression.....lots of folks already out of work, businesses closed, kids at home, store shelves empty and on and on.   I would feel a little more positive if I were not in California, but what can ya do.  On the other hand, avoiding crowds, staying home; my favorite things! .... I don't need to make up an excuse!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Such beautiful pieces, it always feels good to have the border match up.
    It is crazy here in Minnesota, the shelves are empty but people are being kind and not fighting over what is on the shelves, this is a very trying time, America is strong we will make it through.
    So sorry you are stuck in California, stay healthy.


  2. It's always a relief when the borders meet up!
    I don't think I've used Weeks Linen, it's not readily available here. I usually stick with Zweigart or sometimes Permin which is really stiff!
    Nice work on the Quaker too.

  3. Hope you're doing alright with your unexpected California vacation! Your stitching looks great at least.