Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Finish and a Flood

I have been working on this post for what feels like months!  It is a little rambling, but here it goes.  The camera I was so used to using got too wet during the flood while I was trying to take photos.  Unfortunately, the photos on this posting are not as good as they could be. 

We survived the flood in Blanco, but have quite a bit of work and clean up to do.  There are many who lost everything and some lost their lives.  We are living in a new normal now. The riverbank has changed dramatically and many of the old springs are flowing again.

It has been busy around here with clean up and reworking some water flow.  In addition, there is a layer of sand covering the back yard.  Good for the grass in most areas, but there are many areas that have too much sand for the grass to get through, so it needs to be moved.   I have learned that shoveling, raking and hauling dirt and rock is not for someone my age! All this work has really put a damper on my stitching time! 

Just one of the many collections of debris to be cleaned up.

Back to Needlework!

I finish the mini mandala IIA by Chatelaine.  It was great fun.
Photos jus do not do justice to the special threads, stitches and beads.

Have been far too busy to stitch for more than a few minutes at a time, but things should slow down after this week.

It is raining most of the time so I am getting a little more done at last.

I have been working on Books Reading Books by Heaven and Earth Designs.  I am just finishing page 7 at last and am looking forward to getting into page 8 (of 35!)

I have done a bit of work on Pumpkin Swirl by Glendon Place but not too much.  It is becoming a little more fun as I get into it.  I think I am going to bead as I go since it have it on my millennium frame.

I am making progress on Gardens of London by Chatelaine.  Am working on the third "garden" and am still enjoying this project. 

I also started Knot Garden by Chatelaine.  I am doing this project because it is mostly DMC, which means than I can work on it outside and on the patio because I will be able to wash it before I add the specialty stitches in silks and the beads.

I have not done any work on the Buddha project.  Oh well. 

I have kitted a few new projects so I really want to get going on the ones that are in progress right now.  All of the projects are large and intricate so I may start something smaller next week.  Who knows.

I hope my posts improve in the next few months. 

Thanks for looking


  1. I'm glad you survived the flood without too much damage - you've earned yourself some stitching inbetween the clean up. Lovely progress on all your progress, the Chatelaines are looking gorgeous. I really like the amazing dessert series by Glendon Place. but while orange is one of my favourite colours, Pumpkin Swirl was never very high on my wishlist - seeing yours up close changes that, I *LOVE* those colours ^_^

    1. Thanks so much! I am thorougly enjoying them. I was a little unsure of the colors myself, and probably would not call it as much ' pumpkin' as ' sherbert' or carrot!

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