Friday, May 1, 2015

Short Drive Day

Had a very short drive day today.  We are in Las Cruces, NM.  Nice park, but I sure wish I knew the secret code that tells the park you want the driver's side facing west.  It amazes me that no matter where we go we are usually not able to enjoy sitting outside under our awning because it is on the wrong side.  Of course we can sit in the shade on the other side of the coach by the sewer connection.    There HAS to be a secret code or something.

This has been a rough trip for me.  I just do not have my "RV legs" I suppose.  I have fallen out of the thing (thank goodness no one was around) and bonked my head in the middle of the night on the side cabinet (a rude wake up to say the least)  and have dropped almost everything I have picked up.    weird.  I think it is because of my cold, but who knows.  Not sure what I will blame once I am over it.

We found out that there is major construction in El Paso on the 10 in both directions causing hours and hours of delays.  It is supposed to be at least usable on Saturday so we are planning to try to get up early and get through.  Otherwise, we could have made it to Texas today.  We have made really good time -- no weather or traffic delays and we have hit no construction slows.  Amazing!

Oh, I also have to laugh.  There are about RV 8 spaces in a row.  All of them are empty.  We are sent to the ONLY space that has an electric meter in the middle of the small grass area outside the coach.  Even if it was shady, there is really no place to sit.  I tell ya, there HAS to be a code!

Will update you on El Paso tomorrow night.  We should be in Fort Stockton in time to watch the race.

We are off to a local brew pub that is dog friendly.

Thanks for visiting.

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