Friday, November 14, 2014

November Already

Almost mid-November and not one finish to show for it.  It has been busy and the weather is so fantastic it is hard to justify sitting inside stitching. 

Have made some good progress on the HAED freebie project, Santa and the Mouse.  It is going rather slowly which I think is typical of these particular projects.  Lots of single stitches (called confetti by stitchers), lots of colors and it takes a lot of concentration.  I am happy with how it is turning out.  It is the only project I have worked on this month so the others are just hanging out in their pillow cases waiting for attention.

I am planning to start a new project from Heaven and Earth Designs.  It is large, very large and may take me the rest of my life to finish!  I originally ordered 25 count pre-gridded Aida for it, but it was just impossible for me to stitch comfortably, so I switched over to 18 count.  I may wish I had gone for 20 count, but I think it will be fine.  Not significantly bigger than the pattern, but OK.   I may not share it here as I am doing it as a gift. 

I am trying out a new magnifier light and I am not sure I like it.  It is a little awkward and cumbersome.  The light is good and it is easy to position but I am not sure the magnifying part of it is all that great.   I kind of miss my old Mighty Brite light and may go back to it.

I am giving up on doing Christmas cards.  Or any Christmas stitching at all other than the HAED design.  I am determined to have a finish this month. 

Been kind of a touch stitching few weeks for some reason.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to have more to post in a few days, weeks, months, .............

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