Friday, September 5, 2014

September WIP

September is proving to be a busy month, so I may not get much stitching done.  However, here are the projects that I have ready to go and/or in progress this month

The Santa Stocking:  I just can't seem to get back to finish this.  I probably need to grid the final portion and perhaps that will make it go a little faster.  Lots of small stitches and outlining.  I will probably frame it rather than make it into a stocking.  Will decide if I ever get it finished.


The Cranes:  It is coming along nicely.  I have not yet really started using the metallic threads which I am sure will be a challenge.

The seascape:  This is a new project I just put on the scroll frame and organized the thread.  Have not even gridded the piece yet.

The Sepia Golfer:  Small project (5x7) and only has a few colors so it should go pretty quickly.

The Feasting Frenzy:  This is my test of the QSnap frames.  It is not bad and is really light weight to hold.  I work on it outside so I am also using the floss bags.  It is not as easy as having the thread on bobbins, but the threads should stay a little cleaner.

And one more.  Woodland gal.  It will take many months to complete this one!  It has lots of colors and is more complex than my previous projects.  It also has beadwork that goes on once it is finished.

These should keep me busy for a few weeks!  Since we are going to be back on the road in the RV in October, I will have plenty to work on while traveling.

It should be interesting to see how far along I get this month.

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