Monday, September 15, 2014

Golfer Finished

We have had a good bit of rain lately.  So much that it is too wet to mow. 

Although the temperature has been mild it has been overcast and humid.  It is supposed to start heating up again this week, but so far there has been no sun.  All the better weather for stitching!

Finished the golfer.  It was the smaller of the WIPs (5x7) so it didn't take too long.  The backstitching is the kind that I avoid doing whenever possible.  It is all slanted, does not follow any definite line and just makes me crazy.  But it is done.  Hurray.  Just need to frame him and get him on the wall!

I still have several projects in the works to keep me busy.  And I am in the process of organizing two really challenging projects (challenging for me anyway) to stitch in the next couple of months.
I am going to attempt my first Heaven and Earth design.  It is one of their freebies off their website.  Their designs are quite complex and use a lot of color (90 to 100 different colors in some cases) and are done on very small count linen.  I have never used linen before. '
I will post my progress on the first one soon.  I am still getting it prepared. 
More as it happens!  Happy stitching.

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