Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Month, New Starts

Books Readinig Books, Heaven and Earth Designs

I started row 3, Page 13.  Just a few stitches less than half way done.  Perhaps I will finish by Christmas but I am not holding my breath!  I am amazed how detailed it looks when I take a photo.

Just realized I already posted this!  Sorry about the repeat!  ha

Mini Mandala IIB

Making progress, slowly but surely.  Just beading and final metallic around the border and it is ready to frame.

Outdoor Projects

I need at least one project I can work on while I am sitting on the patio outside in the afternoon/evening.  That means they have to be done with DMC so they can be laundered.

Wildflower Bouquet from the Posey Collection by Fine Needlework Designs in DMC on 14 count ivory aida.  This project was given to me by a member of my Brother-in-Law's family as a thank you for staying at our house on the river.  I thought I would stitch it up, put "Texas 2016" on it and send it to her as memory of her trip.   I always like projects that have a plan!

Pumpkin Swirl, Glendon Place

I finally drug this project out again after frogging it and getting lined back up.  I am off one stitch somewhere, but I am determined to work around it and finishe the last 1/4 of this project this month.  Well, maybe not until June what with all the beading, but it is definitely back in my rotation now.  It seems to be taking forever!

The weather has been so spectacular that I do not stitch during the day most days and I am pretty worn out in the evening.

We are having some company next week so I probably will not do alot of stitching.  I am SO ready for a new start, but I have SO many ongoing projects I am trying to stop myself!

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  1. Great progress and great plans! That wild flower bouquet looks like a fun little project too :)