Monday, December 7, 2015

December plans

We are back in California so I am getting settled into my stitching area.  Of course it is very busy getting ready for Christmas and the new year and enjoying my grand girls so I am not stitching as much.   And I MUST get to the framer on Monday.

I also need to do some serious organization.  I reeived a couple of orders that I had sent here rather than hauling it from Texas. First a bunch of fabrics that were on sale at Herschners many month ago and  my order from ECC for two Chatelaines, Classicism and Old World Vinery.  I am not sure when I will get to these but I just did not want to chance any of the specialty threads being discontinued in the next year and I got a refund on some taxes that, of course, I had to spend.

This month I want to finish or at least make some good progress on a few things before I start working on 2016 projects.  One of my many goals for this month is to have no new starts.  Just work on WIPs.  I usually plan my next year the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

I  miss working on Gardens of London by Chatelaine.  I figured out that once I got through alot of the specialty stitches and borders that were so much fun to do I am a little bored with doing the cross stitching and back stitching on the buildings.  There are many color changes and the chart is a little tedious to read.   I am back to it this month, determined to get at least the London Bridge section finished.  I changed to a smaller qsnap for this project since I found the 14x14 was sort of becoming a problem for me.

Hoping to get some good progress done on Pumpkin Swirl by Glendon Place.  I am just a little over halfway done with it.  Have no plans for it after it is finished so this one of really kind of on the back burner.  I do want to finish it so I can free up my Millenium frame for another project next year.

A long way to go on Ink Circles RYOB  but it is a pretty quick stitch.  Hope to finish it soon and get it in the mail to its intended recipient.

Knot Garden by Chatelaine.  I am not keeping time on this project as I do with most of my others.  Now that I have moved out of the center I am really enjoying the project as I work through the specialty stitches.  I think I will frame this piece and keep it for myself.

Books Reading Books, Heaven and Earth Design:

This so confetti heavy that it is taking me quite a while.  I am loving it, and cannot wait to get moving along on it.  I am thinking I need to allocate a certain amount of time a week to make some good progress on this piece.  I have now been at it a year.

Mini Mandala II-C by Chatelaine.

Barely started this project but I am looking forward to working on it and finishing it to go with the other mini mandala in the series that I have completed.

I do not know when I will work on my Needlepoint projects again.  No travel planned for a few months, but you never know when I will have to ride somewhere.  I am thinking these would make good traveling projects.

Thanks for visiting.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas Season and a terrific New Year.

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