Friday, November 20, 2015

Final Finishes of Christmas Projects

Lizzie Kate.

 It was a really fun stitch.  I used threads I had left over from various projects so it is not exactly as charted.   It was basically two greens, two pinks, white and red.   I am not sure how I will finish it, but I am going to wait until I get back to California to do something with it.  I am a little surprised how much I like it!


Prairie Schooler 2004 Santa

Both Santas are finished now.  Not sure what I will do to finish them.  Although I love the fabric (28 count Opal Lugana Winter Solstice Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie) I am not sure it was the beset choice for these.  I do like them, however.  I am thinking perhaps blocks unframed so that I can use them wherever for the season.  I am glad I decided to do these two designs but I do not see more Prairie Schooler Santas in my future.

This is the end of my stitching finishes in Texas for this year.  Am getting the RV packed and ready for our trip.   I am partially sad to leave and partially ready to get back to California.   I have all my travel projects ready to go so I can make some progress while we are traveling along.

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  1. Great finishes! Personally, I think the santas look great on the sparkly blue, and I really like the colours in the LK one. Have a safe trip!