Wednesday, February 19, 2020

February Finish, New Start and Progress Update

Finally finished Easter Parade.  Not sure what I will do with it.

New Start:

Tis a Lovely Bird by Homespun Elegance

Doing this on a 28 count linen 2 over 2 using Gentle Arts and Weeks cotton threads.  I chose 28 count because I wanted it a little bigger than it would have been on the suggested 32 count.  Not sure why I don't have a photo of the chart, but I have already passed it forward.  I also have discovered that a 28 count is really the only thing I can use for take along projects as I cannot see anything smaller.   Old eyes or bad glasses I guess.


Elizabeth Poole 1838 by Threads of Gold

Even though I am not crazy about some the colors and have made a few changes, I am almost ready to finish this gal.  Doing the 1 over 1 letters now.  Have frogged the 1 over 1 about 4 times (not fun) but I think I have it figured out.  I have also made MANY mistakes (which I call customizations) on this chart, but because I sort of lost the love, I left them in....note the two different size flower pots on either side of the center urn....oh well.  I hope to finish it this week which will keep me on track with 2 finishes a month for this year.

Coffee Quaker by Heartstring Samplery

This is on 36 ct. Vintage Country Mocha using the threads as listed (GAST and WDW)

I am anxious to get this project really going.  I did "Coffee Saves Lives" and want to finish this one so I can hang them together.  I do drink alot of coffee by the way.

A Pefect World by The Scarlett House

This is on 40 count Flagstone by Lakeside Linen using the threads as listed (Gentle Arts and WDW, using Anchor Black)

I have been trying to do 30 minutes a day on this.  It will be a while, but I am really enjoying it.

Sampler Sunday Projects:

These are the Little House Needelworks pieces that I work on for the Sampler Sunday Challenge on their facebook page.

Home of a Needleworker

The Library

My only "complaint" about theseh projects is that they are both 2 over 2 so I have to fiddle with the two thread issue.

It seems that suddenly I am using alots of Gentle Arts and Weeks threads which is kind of new for me.  I usually do the DMC conversions but have found lately that the colors are really off.  I am not so good at colors.   And I have to say that I am not such a fan of the Weeks Dye Works threads.   They seem to really tangle and knot more frequently even when I use a thread conditioner.   I am going to try shorter lengths for a while and see if that helps.

Kitted and ready:

Frances Poole by With thy Needle and Thread is on a frame and ready!

These are kitted and ready

Friends of the Heart by Plum Street Samplers

Harriet Taylor 1842 by the Scarlet House

For the Birds by ByGone Stitches  ( am thinking this will be my next start once Elizabeth Poole is finished as it has lots of color and I am kind of browned out!)

Willow Tree Sampler by Carriage House Samplings

And finally, I have some questions and emails about the frame weight.  I showed the giant one I made (thinking that was a good idea)  and now I have not only cut the size in half, but discovered that it was sliding off the lap stand because I used wool all the way around.  So, my solution was to whip stitch some rubber shelf liner on the back and it works great.  Also, with regard to the lapstand....I have a couple of different ones...they sit on top of you lap, not underneath your thigh as many people think.  Hence the need for something to help it stablize.

I did not plan the color coordination for this show of the stand and weight on my lap, but I guess grey is "my color".

Of course I have many other WIPs that need work, but these are my focus pieces for the moment.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  And thank you SO MUCH for all the kind comments.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Secret Sweetheart Swap 2020


Do do not participate in "swaps" because I am not all that confident in my stitching and I am certainly  not impressed with my finishing....BUT...there was a photo swap that I could do!  I got mine and here it is:

Isn't it fabulous.  Lovely stitching and great "staging" for the photo.

You can hop around to all the other beautiful pieces by visiting Jo's Blog at 

(wish I knew how to make this "clickable...but you will have to cut and paste!)

Have a wonderful day everyone!  

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 10, 2020

February's Progress #1

New Starts:

Elizabeth Poole by Threads of Gold

32 ct Ivory linen dyed with walnut crystals and DMC threads.  I have had lots of frogging on this one.  I started 1 over 2 (which I kind of prefer) and was not happy with the coverage, so I tried a couple of motifs in 2 over 2 and really did not like was also difficult to stitch for some I pulled all that out and redid it in 1 over 2.  Much better and I am enjoying it more.  This is a pretty small sampler so I am hoping to finish it this month.   

I also was not, and am not wild about some of the colors, but I am going with it for the most part....I think it is my choice of fabric that is making the cream colored and yellow colors look wonky.  So I am kind of changing it as I go.  Who knows how it will turn out.  It is inspiring me to start using the called for silks but they are SO pricey and my hands are so ruff I am leary of them.  Time will tell.

Coffee Quaker by Heartstring Samplers

36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with the threads as listed (Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works) 

Have this project mounted on a K's Creations scroll rod/lap frame that I have had for years.  I am going to be siting with a friend post surgery so I wanted a project I could take along so I put it inside a duffel bag (since it is about 26 inches long).  Too bad someone does not make a project bag that will fit these giant projects.


Easter Parade

This is a good stitch, but I am really not happy about how the variegation looks on the chick....I will live with it, however.  I really want to finish this because I have another "smallish" project I want to start.....

Linen and Threads 2020 SAL

After starting February's part I decided I did not like the thread.  So, I changed to another Sulky #12 called Parchment and I am much, much happier with it.

Yes, there is a 1/2 stitch mistake but I am not doing any more frogging....for some reason the first time I did Januay's part I did it without much trouble, but this time....holy cow I frogged for hours.  So I am leaving it (for now, we will see how long it takes for my OCD to kick in!)

A Perfect World

I am using this as my "Daily 30 minutes" piece.  It will take a while to finish, but I am enjoying it.

The Sampler Sunday's over at Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks is helping me dedicate Sunday to these two pieces, so progress is being made!

The Library by Little House Needleworks

Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks

One more thing.....I have been trying to use the lap stands that I have (and I DO have a couple).  I saw someone on the UTube talk about a frame weight....I had never heard of one, so I made one.  I got a little carried away and made the first one HUGE....too big really, but it is a game changer with a large project on scroll rods.  Am much more comfortable using my lap stands with the weight.

Looks kind of like a sea cucumber!

Basically, I took an old piece of wool I had (a sweater actually) and made a pillow....fill it with walnut shells.  I found it was not heavy enough so I ordered BBs from Amazon and added them to it.  Works great.  Since it is so large I made myself another one which is smaller to use with my smaller lap stand that I am using.

That is the first part of February....

Thanks for stopping by.....

Sunday, February 2, 2020

February Begins

I joined in the Cross Stitch & Hand Embroidery Group daily 30 minutes challenge for the month of February.  I am not sure I will remember to post every day, but I am attempting to put in at least 30 minutes stitching on A Perfect World and am making good progress.

I am also participating in the Sampler Sunday at Little House/Country Cottage Needleworks.  I am working on "Home of  Needleworker" and "The Library" on Sundays.  I kind of like having a certain day for certain projects.  I have tried setting up a specific rotation before and have not been successful, but this seems to be working so far.

Also there is the Linen & Thread 2020 SAL.  I have make a small start on February's portion.

Still working on Easter Parade  and am hoping to finish it this first week of February

I found a WIP that I forgot about.  This little beauty is from a magazine (probably Cross Stitch Magazine).  I had been wanting to practice my backstitching and couching so here is the perfect little cutie for that.

It is on what I think is 18 count aida in a light mint green color.  Not sure what I will do with it once it is finished but that has never stopped me from stitching something.  I will finish this in a couple of days I am sure

A very small start for February:

S.L.  1862 Small Sampler  by Lila's Studio

Done on 32 count Heritage Lugana from Picture this Plus with the DMC as listed.  This DMC conversion looks alot different from the photo and is a little strange so far, but I am OK with that.  I am doing the small just to see if I can to tackle the full size Susan Lynch.

Possible New Starts Planned for February

Elizabeth Poole by Threads of gold

Will do this on 32 ct Ivory linen dyed with walnut crystals just to darken it up a bit.

Elizabeth Jones by La-D-Da

Planning on 36 count Parchment by Weeks Dye Works which is the called for linen

Looks like I should make February the Month of the Elizabeths!  I also have Elizabeth Mitchell 1809 by the Scarlet Letter kitted but it is so huge I am not ready to take it on yet.

Quaker Coffee by Heartstring Samplers

This is on 36 count Vintage Country Mocha

Friends of the Heart by Plum Street Samplers

I will be doing this on 32 ct Heritage by Picture This Plus.  It calls for a 36 count but I think I want the piece to be a little larger and I have the Heritage on hand and need to use it.

"Smalls" ready for the needle:

Morning Walk by The Scarlett House

28 Count Storm rather than a 40 count as called for since I want it to be a bigger.

Tis a Lovely Bird by Homespun Elegance

On 28 count Ivory Linen mottled with walnut crystals

I also watched a UTuber who spilled wine on one of her projects....I am now considering a red wine dye.....

Who knows which projects I will actually start this month.  Stay tuned to find out!

Thanks for stopping by.. will post progress as it happens!

Friday, January 24, 2020

January 2020 Recap WIPocalypse

Stitch-A-Longs in 2020:

I am participating in the Linen and Threads 2020 SAL which looks to be a Quaker Motif sampler.  We will see.  I have done the first part so I am caught up.  Doing this on one of the only pieces of fabric I thought would be large enough and am using Sulky #12.  I am enjoying working with the Sulky...

I am also going to participate in a SAL with Sitching Mae (UTube).  She is doing the Vintage Birds by Jeanette Douglas for her birthday.  I wanted to do this project this year so I am going to hold off starting it until April 15 or so.

New Starts this month:

Easter Parade by Brenda Gervais, Country Stitches

This is a "rest" project for me.  It is on 28 count Faerie Wispers from two over two so I don't have to have a magnifier!  It is also on the small side so I hope to have it finished this month or early February.

The Library by Little House Needleworks

Making progress participating with the Sunday Samplers at Little House Needleworks face group.  Thanks to Vonna for this wonderful idea.

A Perfect World by The Scarlet House

Using threads as called (Gentle Arts and Weeks) and doing it on 40 Ct. Flagstone linen by Lakeside Linens (I think this is the only Lakeside Linen I own!)

I am obsessed with this project for the moment, but I must admit that I cannot work on it for very long.  It is my first 40 count in a while and the first couple of days were a bit of a struggle.   it IS getting easier the more I work on it.

Progress on longstanding WIPs:

Knot Garden by Chatelaine Designs

Not making as much progress and I would like, so I am going to dedicate a day to work on it for a couple of hours.  I do enjoy putting the beads and specialty stitches in so I am not sure why I am avoiding this project.

Mini Mandala 01 by Chatelaine Designs

Have made a little progress here.  Got the DMC borders almost done.  Every time I work on this I wonder why I don't work on it more...I really like the colors and it is really sparkly with beads and crystals.

Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks

This is my Sunday sampler project so it is coming along nicely.

Abandoned/Removing from Rotation this month:  These were just weighing on me so they are getting a time-out.

Quiet Harbor, Permin

Gardens of London, Chatelaine

Kitted and Prepped:
(meaning I have put on a frame and marked the center/starting location and organized all the threads and put it in a project bag)

Elizabeth Poole  by Threads of Gold

Elizabeth Jones by La D Da

Will fill in more details once I start them.....soon I hope.

Finishes for January

Bluebird Out My Window by With Thy Needle and Thread

Mary Oakley, 1818 by Pineberry Lane

Beggars Valentine by Threadwork Primitives

I am really pleased with how this came out.  It is "larger" than called for because I used a lower count linen so not sure how I will FFO it!  But I do like it.  Oh, I changed the locks and arrows from 310 to 3799 because I just didn't want that much black on it.

I am doing well with my goal of 20 finishes for this year....if I average 2 finishes a year I will meet that goal.  So far I have just finished relative small pieces (kind of like cheating) so I am going to concentrate on some larger projects to finish.

Thanks for visiting.   I hope you are had a fun and productive January.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Weekly WIP Update

Have made some decent progress this week on a couple of WIPs and have done a little more kitting.  I also inventoried my fabric (well, the  neutral colors for samplers that is) and added them to my XStitch Plus app.

A Perfect World by Scarlet House

Just prepared it for starting on the 20th of the month.  It is on a scroll frame and I think I am going to grid it....not sure.  Will share the linen choice when I get it actually started.

Linen and Threads 2020 SAL

January is done.  Am pretty happy with it so far.

Beggars Valentine

Really want to finish this before the end of the month so it is getting alot of attention

Knot Garden by Chatelaine Designs

I got some of the specialty stitches and beading done in the two upper corners.  Will begin to work my way down the piece hopefully this weekend.  I am trying to use Saturday for my Chatelaines....

Mary Oakley, 1818 by Pineberry Lane

A Finish!!  I changed so much on this.  I wanted to work it with threads from my inventory so the colors are not anywhere close to what is charted.  I like it anyway.  It is a wierd size so I will be trying to frame it in the next couple of weeks.

That is it for this week.  I will be participating in Sampler Sunday again this week and will be working on my Little House needleworks projects that day.

Thank you for visiting.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Wipocalypse Introduction

This is my first Wipocalypse and I am pretty excited about it.  I think I figured out how to put my "link" on the posting page, but who knows.

At any rate, an introducction is in order.

First let me say that I "lost" my blog for a couple of years when many things changed in my computer world, so that is why there is such a big gap in postings and many things that were on the blog seem to have vanished....followers, some gadgets that I had finally figured out; that sort of thing.   That said, I am back at it for 2020 with plans.

I have been busy kitting up things to start (I think I am up to about 60),  framing some finishes and planning my year.  I joined WIPocalypse and I am going to practice spelling it and saying it.  At any rate, I am not sure how it works yet, but I am going to give it a whirl.  There are some beautiful stitching posts and amazing work to drool over.

I have started the Linen and Threads 2020 Quaker SAL.  It took  me a while because I just did not know if I really wanted to participate.  Then I was watching a flosstuber (I wish I could remember which one) and she said "at the end of the year I will have a Quaker sampler done.  Well, that did it.  So here I am participating.

I am using Sulky #12 in Natural Taupe on Amsterdam Blue 32 count linen.  I had a large piece of the fabric (can't imagine why because it is kind of wierd color...not quite green, not quite blue) and I did not want to have to buy a new fabric so it took a while to decide on the thread.  I have been wanting to try Sulky #12, and I wanted something really splitting DMC floss, no railroading, etc.  Will see how it goes.  I may change it out for a more beige variegated thread, but who knows.

My other focus pieces for January are:

Beggars Valentine by Threadworks Primitive
I want to finish this before the end of the month

Mary Oakley 1818 by Pineberry Lane

I finished the border outline so I should be able to finish this in a week or so.

Mini Mandala 01 By Chatelaine Designs

I am determined to finish this one before I start a new Chatelaine and I am itching to start a new one!

I am also going to participate in the Little House Needleworks Sampler Sunday.  I am going to be working on The Library by Little House Needleworks as soon as the threads arrive.  In the meantime I will be working on "Home of a Needleworker" which has been a WIP for a couple of years and I really need to get it done.  I hope focusing on these two on Sundays will do the trick.

And last but  not least I have been framing some of my 2019 finishes:

This is actually  my first finish of 2020 so I framed it also.

Once I get this blog all caught up again I will keep posting regularly.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.